Update: I don’t see the survey offered, looks like this offer has ended. Kahiki would like you to take a short survey about the games on their website, and they will send you a coupon to try one of their products for FREE. They describe their products as “the best restaurant quality frozen Asian foods you can buy” and they don’t use any preservatives like MSG. They have a Memory game and two Trivia games to try before taking the short survey. Kahiki Food products are found in grocery stores across the country, check their store locator. I have not tried their products yet, but I’ll be looking for them at Kroger.

Update 5/30/08: I got this via email from Kahiki:
As the advertising agency for Kahiki Foods, RMD would like to thank you for participating in Kahiki’s games survey. We’re proud of Kahiki products, and believe they offer consumers a terrific flavor experience with premium quality ingredients. Your questions and comments help us to serve Kahiki consumers even better! Due to the high response of these surveys, your coupon may take a little longer to arrive than anticipated. We’ve ensured that everyone who participated and gave a full address will receive a coupon as promised. You can find Kahiki Foods in most major grocery stores, wholesale clubs, and other retailers in your area. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to call Kahiki toll free at 1-888-436-2500 or visit their website at http://www.kahiki.com/.

Update 6/25/08: I got the coupon in the mail, but it’s not the coupon I was expecting. “But Three Get One Free” that expires 12/31/08. Well, I guess that “Free” in this case means 25% off.