Thanks to Sweeties Sweeps I have some excerpts of me to share with you from The Tyra Banks Show “Free Stuff” segment that first aired on May 29, 2009. Please take a moment to watch the excerpt of Wendy from Sweeties Sweeps who talked about her big sweepstakes wins on the same show. I was already friends with Wendy before we met on the show, but you can’t imagine how wonderful it was to meet her in person. She had been a tremendous resource for me (and my readers) and I’ve learned so much from her on winning the sweepstakes.


I have to thank everyone for their support and the huge self-esteem boost you gave me! You have no idea how nervous I was to watch myself on TV, and how intimidating it was for me to be on stage with Tyra (a supermodel) and three women in professional media (CNN, Fox, People). I am definitely not one who seeks extra attention, but of course the success of my blog has kind of forced me into the spotlight on a few occasions. My reader’s support has really helped me to be brave enough to share the freebies with even more people, and survive all the attention. Thank you for supporting me and my blog!