I just made $1.38 by viewing ads in less than 1 minute. It’s true, I help my readers make money from the ads on my blog! Are you earning money from YouData by viewing ads on Freebies 4 Mom? If not, I want to help you get started. If you already use YouData, read below to find out about the new video ads plus other tips to earn more.
*Start Getting Paid for Viewing Ads by YouData

1. Create an account
Don’t be intimidated, but they need some information from you. Hey, they also need to know what PayPal account (create a PayPal account here) to put your earnings in every Friday (this only requires your email address). Some of the information is optional, and you’ll see it clearly marked as optional. They will not ask for your mailing address, but they will need your cell phone number to send you one text message. This is necessary to confirm your registration and helps them enforce the limit of only one YouData account per person. Registration requires one text message, and you will not receive any additional text messages after you register.

2.Fill out optional surveys in Your MeFile
I really think you will make more money if you fill these out because they allow the targeted ads to appear for you – these are ads that you would likely have more interest in.

3. Log in at Freebies 4 Mom
Look at my right sidebar and scroll down until you see the woman’s face and the YouData logo. Just enter your MeFile ID and password to see if new ads are available.

4. Slide over to “Keep 100%
You can not see the slide bar unless there are ads available for you to view and earn money! I want you to earn all of the money, so slide that bar over to KEEP 100% of the earnings. This ad is specifically for my readers and I included it for YOU to make money. Please don’t give me any of your money! My job is to give you money. You will only see that slidebar if you are viewing YouData ads on a blog that hosts it (like mine) or if a charity sponsors a video ad.

5. Remember to Click and Jump
You earn money by viewing banner ads and by clicking on the links to jump to an advertiser’s website. It’s really easy and very fast to do. You just have to remember to do it every week so that you can keep getting paid! Of course the supply of ads to view varies, and you’ll earn varying amounts each week. My first week of earnings was $4.43 – your first week will always be the highest earnings because you will have lots of new ads to view.

6. Enjoy your FREE MONEY
Hey – that’s free money (ok, you did pay a few seconds of attention for each paid ad). Those pennies and dollars will add up and you’ll be able to use it on something you need or want. You will get your money deposited automatically in your PayPal account every Friday, there is no minimum required to get paid! I plan on using that PayPal money for online purchases, but it is possible also to link it to your banking account.

4 Steps to Earn More Money from YouData

1. Log into Your MeFile
I just earned $1.38 cents by viewing a few ads. I earned $1.08 viewing ads in the YouData box in the right sidebar of Freebies 4 Mom. Then I logged into my MeFile and watched one video ad to earn $0.20 more.  You can only view video ads by logging into YouData. Then I filled out a few new survey questions in my MeFile and viewed another ad to earn $0.10 more.  Remember that these MeFile surveys are optional, but by filling them out you are eligible to view targeted ads. Just login to YouData, click on “Your MeFile”, and start filling out surveys.

2. Login and Check for New Ads Weekly
It’s true that if you don’t login, you can’t view new ads! I always keep the YouData box in my right sidebar, so just login and check for new ads about once a week while you’re visiting my blog.

3. Click the Refresh Button Often
Did you login and don’t see any new ads to view? Click the “Refresh” button at the bottom right because often a few new ads will appear when you do. Even after I’ve viewed ads I always click the “Refresh” button again and often see new ads appear after I do.

4. Be Patient
YouData is an innovative way of advertising and it will take awhile for new advertisers to catch-on. Be patient and remember that every penny earned on YouData was earned with just a few seconds of your attention. Be grateful that YouData is the first, and only advertiser that pays you the reader for viewing ads on blogs like mine!

I’m an affiliate for YouData which means they pay me to host their YouData box in my sidebar. I share YouData with you because I think it’s an easy way to add a few dollars to your PayPal account. I write my own opinions about YouData and they do not review or edit my posts. Please remember to put your slider bar on “100% Keep” because I want you to keep all the pennies you earn! This post contains affiliate links, please visit my Disclosure Policy.

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