Run, don’t walk, to Chick-fil-A when you get your coupon, calendar, and gift card in the mail (if you were able to sign-up for this promotion when I featured it). One of my lucky readers, Janellen, was one of the 2,000 recipients of the $100 gift card! You just might want to visit your Chick-fil-A on Valentine’s Day because many are giving free stuff away to celebrate (roses, milk shakes, etc.)

This has got to be the biggest freebie ever scored as a result of Freebies 4 Mom, so I had to share it! I’ll let Janellen tell her story:
“You cannot imagine my surprise when I realized that I had one of the $100 Chick-Fil-A gift cards in my hands!! Here is how it all happened….My husband Joe and I went to the mall on Saturday to run a few errands and I suggested that we eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A…one of my FAVORITE places to eat. (I love the waffle fries!! ) As an afterthought I told Joe that I had received a gift card in the mail that might have money on it, so I brought it with us. Well, we ordered our food and as Joe reached for his wallet, I pulled out the gift card from my coat pocket and asked the cashier to please swipe it stating that I had received it in the mail as a promotion and that it might have money on it. The cashier swiped the card, looked at me and said, “Well, it just paid for your lunch!” She then handed me the receipt that showed it not only paid for my lunch but had $88 and some change left on it! WoooHooo!! The cashier seemed as excited as we were and she said she had never seen anything like it! Joe and I were both shocked and I told him, “See how much money I am saving you” to which he replied, “Saving me money, you’re making money!” It was great! Thanks for the website…I am grateful for the freebies, especially one like this!!”

If anyone else scores this fabulous freebie from Chick-fil-A, you have to tell me about it! Thanks for sharing your story, Janellen!