Check out this hot coupon to Save $20 on a $20 purchase at Ann Taylor on Friday and Saturday. If you are shopping this weekend and have an Ann Taylor store near you, this could mean a great deal on something. I will admit I’ve never stepped into an Ann Taylor store so I’m not sure if they even sell anything for $20, but I wanted to emphasize that the coupon does not require a minimum purchase amount in order to use it. It is only valid on full-price items, so that means not on clearance. Thanks goes to Surviving The Stores for the heads up.

Thanks to Melanie who chimed in with this comment: “I used to shop Ann Taylor when I worked in an office. You might be able to pick up some accessories for about $20. Hair clips, earrings, something like that.” Remember you can buy more than one item since the $20 is off your full-price purchase.

And Surviving The Stores said “The T-shirts are right at $24 online… I’m guessing they will be the same in the store. There is also a small purse-sized perfume spray for $20 online.” to give you some more ideas for items priced at under $30.

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