Thanks to My Charmed Life I was able to have a giveaway of the adorable and stylish Luggage Charms. Of course all of my 136 readers who entered are simply charming, but the random number generator selected the following 5 charming readers to receive 3 Monogram Luggage Charms of their choosing.

Here are the names of the winners and the comment they left in their entry:

Entry #40 Emma said “I love the pink paisly and black toile, how cute!It would look so cute on my luggage or purse!”

Entry #80 Melinda D. said “I love the black toile and the pink paisley. They would look great on my diaper bag and luggage.”

Entry #107 The4Moyers (Tanya) said “Very cute! I actually like all of them…but if I have to choose I would pick the pink paisley. We are planning lots of trips by plane this summer, so this would go on my suitcase so I can spot it easily on the luggage carousel!! Thanks for offering!”

Entry #71 Lisa W. said “I like the Black Toile monogram charm. I would use these on my diaper bag and backpack.”

Entry #121 Michelle said “I like the mad for madras print. It will be adorning my many diaper bags that I alternate between for my 2 kids. Long trip? Short trip? How many supplies do we need?”

I’ll be emailing each of the winners this evening (if they let me access their email or blog address), and they have 48 hours to email me back to confirm they are out there and that yes, the do want to receive their Luggage Charms! Update 4/27/08: I’ve heard from all of the winners and their Luggage Charms are on their way soon to them! Thanks for entering this giveaway, I feel so charmed that you find the time to read my blog!