*These subscriptions are no longer $5, but most of them are under $10 for a 1-year subscription.

I love to tell you about free magazine subscriptions, so why am I sharing the $5 magazine subscriptions on Amazon.com? Because I’m the first to admit that there are some magazines that I never see offered for free. I also recognize that most free magazine subscriptions are offered for a very short period of time (so you might miss them) or they are not for a full-year but only a few issues. I also know that my readers who use Swagbucks can easily earn a $5 Amazon.com gift card for 45 Swagbucks – so this would be a great way to spend that free gift card!

So if you can’t get your favorite magazines for free, why not $5.00 for a one-year subscription through Amazon.com? It might be a good deal for a few of my readers, so here they are – many of these $5 offers end today so if you want it order it today! I highlighted my favorites, but browse the full list of 13 magazine subscriptions for $5.

Hottest $5 1-Year Subscriptions:
These are magazines I never or rarely see offered for free.

Women’s Health (1-year)

Health (1-year)

Harper’s Bazaar (1-year)

Other $5 1-Year Subscriptions:
I’ve seen these popular magazines offered for free before, but if you missed it or your free subscription ran out then $5 may be a good price for you.

Woman’s Day

Parents (1-year)

Working Mother (1-year)

More free & cheap magazines
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