A favorite post I wrote last June, I want to share it with you again. All 7 ways I’m saving money still hold true. This post also includes a link to my all-time favorite free music download, you’ve got to go check-out Cartier’s LOVE album. I’m listening to it right now and basking in the wonderfulness of my frugal lifestyle. I can’t wait to hear how reading blogs (or blogging) is saving you money, so please share in the comments!

Inspired by Amanda’s post: 7 Ways Reading Blogs is Saving Me Money, I had to write my own list. Now, I have to first tell you to read Amanda’s list because it is quite different than mine. So you are really getting 14 ways that reading blogs can save you money. Of course everyone will probably find a few on my list and a few on Amanda’s list that will apply to them. It all depends on what stores you shop at and what you want to spend your time doing. And I have a hard time separating my blog reading from my blogging because they are intertwined, so my list is really kind of about how I’m saving myself money by blogging at Freebies 4 Mom.

Heather’s List of 7 Ways Reading Blogs (& Blogging) is Saving Me Money

1. I’m Spoiled with Freebies – Right at this very moment I am listening the LOVE album I downloaded for free from Cartier. I’m feeling spoiled with this new music collection, like someone could have given it to me as a gift all wrapped up with a bow. I like to try new fragrances for special occasions, and am having fun getting free fragrance samples in the mail. In general, I just like to try new products, everything from food to beauty, but now I’m doing it with free samples. So how is all this “spoiling” saving me money? I used to spend money on spoiling myself, but now I feel like I am getting treats in my mailbox and inbox every week and don’t have any desire to pay money to treat myself by trying something new.

2. I call it Home Sweet Home – I’ve been getting some new ideas from my favorite blogs on activities to do at home with my toddlers and ways to schedule our day to help run our household more efficiently. The Motherload on MomAdvice.com has got to be the blog at the top of my list of inspiring reads. I have always been a home-body but now I really appreciate the freedom I have to choose to be at home for most of the day and the resources to make the most of that time and enjoy it.

3. I Love Special Coupons – There are some really special coupons out there that can get you some great deals or even free stuff. These are printables or coupons you request by mail, and they are time-sensitive so you have to be “in the know” to be able to take advantage of them. I’m taking advantage of these coupons, and sharing them with you here. My pantry is full of FREE cereal by using these special coupons – what a nice break to not be spending money on cereal!

4. I’m Anti-Shopping – You’re not going to believe this but the longer I blog the less of a shopper I become. I’m more respectful of my time, my children’s time (and aware of how much gas I’m using), and have set-up a shopping schedule that corresponds to the most convenient times for my family to stop at the stores we enjoy shopping and saving money at. This means I’m shopping at less stores, and not making special trips to get “the deal” of the week. Well, sometimes I like to get out of the house by myself and go shopping during naptime on the weekend, but I assure you if I do that I’m most likely going to CVS for some free stuff.

5. I’m Engaging My Brain – I can’t tell you how muddy my brain was with a newborn on one hip and a 2-yr. old on the other. I literally started focusing on couponing one year ago to save my brain and our budget. I needed something to think about, numbers to add together, deals to analyze, facts to remember, basically I needed a hobby to engage my brain. Well, my hobby is this blog, and this blog has now become my part-time job. It’s keeping my brain engaged which makes me a happier mom who is smarter about how she spends money.

6. I’m a Saver – The more I read about personal finance on other blogs, the more I want to save money instead of spend it. I’m definitely more of a saver now than a year ago and I feel more financially secure because of it.

7. I’m Having Fun Blogging – I sometimes wonder what I would be doing if I wasn’t blogging? Probably more activities that revolved around shopping as a form of entertainment: window shopping, browsing stores both brick & mortar and online, shopping as an entertainment destination. Blogging and reading other blogs is a healthy part of my life now and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What ways are reading blogs or blogging saving you money? Please share in the comments here.

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