Add 8 more points to your Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards account with these codes thanks again to Karol. These codes were new for me, but it’s possible you’ve entered some of them already. If you think you missed any codes I already posted, look at all Huggies codes here.

BCXMX GGJWZ WFPGB (1 pt) Expired

GRKLD NQFLH MKPGB (1 pt) Expired

KCWGQ FPPWB LBPGB (1 pt) Expired


NJCZB NPQCX RXPGB (1 pt) Expired

QSMFD THTNG JDPGB (1 pt) Expired

RSLGW DTSTP BXPGB (1 pt) Expired

SRTTD QPHMP RRPGB (1 pt) Expired

How can you win? My best advice to you is to try playing the instant win games late at night or early in the morning. Read “The Secret to Winning Instant Win Games” from the expert Sweeties Sweeps for more tips. As far as I can tell, you can win the same instant win prize more than once.

I’m trying to win the $25 Visa Card because there are 2,000 winners until May 31. But I’ve also heard some of you have won the Gap $25 gift card (950 winners). The other gift cards are harder to win simply because there are less prizes, only 250 Subway $10 gift cards and 150 Applebee’s $25 gift cards. All of the instant win games end on May 31 – I’m assuming they’ll announce new games on June 1.

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