Are you interested in learning how to reduce your grocery budget even more? BeCentsable is offering a self-paced online workshop that will help you focus on your grocery spending and learn how to save even more. It’s a great way to get a little help in creative thinking about your grocery spending, as well as to learn how to be smarter about using coupons (whether you are a new or a seasoned couponer). By the way, this really is my own opinion of the workshop after taking it myself – I’m not earning any referrals here, just sharing a useful resource with you!

After taking the workshop, I was really impressed with the level of detail and quality of information that Kristin and Chrissy present. I must admit that they took a bit of a unique approach to learning how to reduce your grocery budget even more, and I learned a few things myself. It even inspired me to start organizing my coupons differently, but I’ll share more about that with you later. If you are interested in taking this online workshop, I do recommend that you be able to dedicate some time to it in order to get the full benefit from it. You can start at any time because they offer it on an ongoing basis and it is self-paced. Taking this workshop is a way to motivate and educate you, but it all comes down to you changing the way you shop in order to put what you’ve learned into action. And what you learn in this workshop doesn’t end with the last lesson because they also host a Grocery Challenge where you can get that extra push you need each week to set and meet your goals.

is a great resource for grocery shopping at almost any store. They host what must be the web’s largest “Grocery Gathering“, bringing you the deals on over 30 stores all in one place! They even offer separate deal lists for the same store, different regions! Before I make any trip to Kroger, HEB, Walmart, or Target – I visit BeCentsable first. I hope that you will find
BeCentsable to be a blog visit that makes cents as well.