All of my readers (blogging or not) should read “Beware the Harvester Bots!” on Angie gives you some useful tips for protecting your email address from spam.

Please remember that you always have the option to email me instead of leaving your email address in a comment for any of my posts. Here’s my email address in graphic format (as Angie recommends) – it’s easy to remember:

Selina asked me this question recently: “Do you get a lot of spam mail from entering your address for free samples?” I wanted to share my answer with all of my readers:
I do not get a lot of spam (by email or postal mail) – of course I get some spam (and always have) but it is difficult to say the source of it. I did not notice any increase after I started requesting free samples (I didn’t used to request any before May of 2007).
I try to select free sample offers to share on Freebies 4 Mom that come directly from the company that offers them, or from a well-known retailer (i.e. Walmart). I encourage you to check the Privacy Policy for any company that you are not familiar with to find out how they will use the information you submit. Of course you should never give out any personal information unless you are comfortable doing so.
If you are very conservative about giving out your email or mailing address, I recommend only requesting the Walmart samples. I recommend this as the best single source of free samples and because I really believe that they adhere to their privacy policy.