You can try Arm & Hammer Essentials for free if you fill out the form for this mail-in rebate offer. I had a really hard time finding this new product at the grocery store, but finally found it at CVS. Update: Print a coupon to Save $1 when you purchase this product! You should still get the full retail price back for the rebate! A big thanks to Fanny Frugal for sharing the coupon link with us!

Suzanne says “Lots of color on the form so people need to reset printing options to greyscale and fast print.” I found rebate forms with the display for the product at CVS. But if you want to print the form, here’s a reminder on Saving on Ink. Every computer/printer set-up is different, but you should be able to figure out how to change your printer’s default settings. I print in greyscale, draft mode always now to save ink. If I have a specific need to print in color then I change my settings. There is also a low-tech option that I’ve tried where you simply remove your color ink cartridge.

I file all offers that require a purchase under rebates.