Get a free Breastfeeding Support Kit from Enfamil (just click on image above). I support every mother’s decision on how to best feed her baby, whether it be breastmilk, formula, or both! I wanted to pass along this returning offer from Enfamil for those of my new readers who may be interested in it.

I just updated my list with the Parents Choice sample, it has returned after being unavailable for awhile. Thanks goes to Sabrina for telling me!

Interested in how to save money on formula, get free formula samples, and my favorite breastfeeding resources? Here are some links for you:


Baby Cheapskate Coupon Traders (trade for formula coupons)

Playtex Nurser Bottle – a bottle that comes with 3 drop-ins liners and a coupon

Enfamil LIPIL Formulas

*NEW* Parent’s Choice Milk Formula and Gentle Formula – you can request both

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