­čŹ┐Sweeps Barefoot FandangoNOW (41 Daily Winners)Are you 21 or older? If so, enter each month thru March┬áfor a chance to win the Barefoot FandangoNOW Sweepstakes. You will need to use code word┬áBAREFOOT to enter.┬áVoid in UT. There will be 12 winners of a $250┬áFandangoNOW Promotional Code, 700 winners of a $20 FandangoNOW Promotional Code and 3,000 winners of a $6 FandangoNOW Promotional Code. You are allowed one entry each month January, February and March. This sweeps started January 1 and ends March 31 which breaks down to about 41 winners per day. Thanks goes to Freebie Shark for sharing!
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