A new monthly wrap-up to help you find some of the best stuff I’ve blogged about in the past month as well as thank my readers and fellow bloggers who are helping my blog grow.

August was a unique month because it was the first time I left home for more than just the weekend. I learned that I can take a vacation from blogging, but that it’s so easy to get internet access wherever I go that it’s kind of hard for me to take a complete vacation from blogging. I also unveiled my second blog design compliments of Sashwhy’s Studio. I’m excited about my new look and the improved organization it brings to my blog. I also had fun celebrating 1,000 posts with you and reading the results of the Reader Survey (still ongoing, so please fill this short survey out!). I’ll be making further improvements based on the survey results.

Best new resource: Free Magazines 4 Mom
I put a lot of work into this post to make it as comprehensive as possible with links to the best sources of magazines (rather than specific offers) and tons of tips for reusing your magazines.

Best new free sample: Just for Men Touch of Gray
Ok, it’s really a rebate but it’s also a potential money maker since it’s a fixed $8 rebate amount. Print the form and check for it at your store to see if you can get it for more than free!

My favorite post: Homemade Breadsticks
Participating in Amy’s Notebook Experiment was inspirational. Not only did I use my bread machine for the first time in ages but I also have confidence in myself that I can make yummy breadsticks from scratch.

The best giveaway I hosted was 1,000 Coupons based on the 766 readers who wanted to win this one-day giveaway. It looks like The Couponizer Giveaway comes in as a close second with over 750 entries so far (it closes on Thursday, Sept. 4).

A big thank you to my 3,321 daily readers this month. That’s the average number of unique visitors I received each day over the month of August.

A big thank you also to the blogs who wanted to share Freebies 4 Mom with their readers. Here are my top 5 referring blogs (and their newest post). I recommend you visit each of them when you have a chance!

Baby Cheapskate (hottest post is “Kmart Annual Baby Sale“)

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Coupon Cravings (hottest post is “Walgreens Coupon“)

Wishing you a great September and I’m hoping I can continue to make some improvements and bring you more freebies!