This monthly wrap-up will help you find some of the best stuff I’ve blogged about in the past month as well as thank my readers and fellow bloggers who are helping my blog grow.

One month after Freebies 4 Mom appeared on Inside Edition, and I still feel like I am recovering from the rapid growth. I’m learning how to work smarter, and how to say “no” to myself to keep blogging fun for me and fit my family’s schedule. It’s a challenge, but my readers and fellow bloggers are helping me along the way!

Favorite mom resource: Baby Cheapskate, Freepeats, and BlogCoach
Angie has two blogs and one big “pay it forward project”. You have to check them out!

Favorite free samples: Baby, Toddler & Kid Freebies
I love rounding-up the freebies and this is a great summary for my readers to enjoy. This is a roundup that I do on a regular basis, so please let me know if you have something new to add to my list!

Favorite rebate: Charlie Brown DVD Offer from Birds Eye Voila

Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell how good the “buy something and get something free” style of rebate offers are, but this is a great one! I received my first DVD and it came with great coupons and free song downloads.

Favorite post: Get $10 Cash Back from Ebates
I’m always writing about coupons and rebates for the grocery store, but what about coupons and rebates at online stores? Ebates is a great way to earn rebates on almost any online purchase, and I’m proud to help spread the word and help my readers get some great online deals. I’m also sharing how I’m using coupon codes, special discounts and Ebates to help me buy things for free-after-Ebates. Read about my free Victoria’s Secret Sweater (I wore it today) and my free LeapFrog toy from Target.

A big thank you to my 6,716 daily readers this month. That’s the average number of unique visitors I received each day over the entire month of November.

A big thank you also to the blogs who wanted to share Freebies 4 Mom with their readers. Here are my top 10 referrers. I recommend you visit each of them when you have a chance!

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Hooray for Freebates

Wishing you a great December and thanks for reading Freebies 4 Mom! Be sure to visit me on Monday to find out what my newest book giveaway will be!