Apply to host a Betty Crocker Cookie Mix House Party and the host gets everything needed to host the party plus recipes & grocery list pads to give to guests. They will select 1,000 hosts for this party. This is a great opportunity and I’ve heard from lots of readers who have hosted a House Party for other product brands and they had a positive experience (plus got lots of free stuff). The application is rather lengthy, so don’t try to rush through it!

House Party is like a free sampling program for you and your friends in a social setting. Look at the list of current parties and apply for the ones that you would be interested in hosting. Answer the questions honestly in your application, because these companies aren’t necessarily looking for the biggest parties and richest hostesses. This is a word-of-mouth marketing campaign that gives companies an opportunity to let their customers do the advertising for them. If you host a House Party I’d love to hear about your experience! You can also still apply for the Shutterfly House Party and the Kodak House Party.