Yes, it is important to celebrate your birthday, Mom! Even if you have to take the lead – here’s some freebies to help you in celebrating your special day! I recently celebrated my birthday, and Coldstone Creamery still tops my list as my favorite birthday freebie.

Mom’s Guide to Celebrating Her Own Birthday:
First, go visit either ColdStone Creamery , Baskin Robbins , or Carvel for some free ice cream for your birthday! Then go online to browse the scrapbooking treats and use your birthday gift certificate at The Coconut ScrapShop that Jen just mailed you! What’s for dinner? Well, you deserve a treat so find a restaurant nearbye that will treat you to dinner on your birthday – TODAI or Red Robin anyone?

Here are some more birthday freebies from my readers:
Famous Daves
Nicole wrote: “Sign up and you get a coupon via e-mail, when you go in to the restaurant they scan your coupon and you will get either a free dessert, meal, or you can even “win” one of those huge platters that feed like 8 people! Odds are you’ll just get a dessert, but that’s ok!”

Mrs. Scotsman wrote: “This is not the best club out there. It is more Buy 1 Get 1 because it requires additional purchase. Children will get a free kids meal (with the purchase of an adult meal). Adult will get a free cone (probably with purchase of another item).”

There are even more birthday clubs at:
bd’s Mongolian Grill – free offer for your birthday
Black Angus Steakhouse free steak dinner with purchase of another entree
Borders – free dessert and 15% off coupon
Ace Hardware – $5 off $20 coupon
DSW – $5 off coupon

Please feel free to share your favorite birthday freebies by posting a comment. And in case you thought I left the kids out – here’s my Kids Birthday Freebies post.