Who knew that 187 people would be interested in entering my Bliss Bar Giveaway?

And the winner of the tote bag with two boxes of Kellogg’s Special K Bliss Bars is . . .

#179 Dolls123 who said that pretzels were here favorite food to dip in chocolateAnd the following 10 readers will get coupons in the mail to save money on their next purchase of Bliss Bars. I’ll be sending each of them three (not two as I originally planned) coupons to save 55 cents on one box.

Here are the coupon winners and their favorite foods dipped in chocolate . . .

#19 Stacy – pretzels or strawberries

#127 Lydia – strawberries and pecans

#58 Kristine – strawberries and graham crackers

#29 Elizabeth – pretzels

#53 Kelly – strawberries tie with poundcake

#103 Caro – peanut butter

#149 Kate (aka Brent) – pretzel rods after they’ve been dipped in peanut butter

#84 Brenda914 – not sure what her favorite is, but she would love to win!

#45 Becky – cheesecake

#144 Neuser Family – ANYTHING (bananas, strawberries, nuts, caramels)

Thanks everyone for entering! I need to hear from all the winners within 48 hours – you can email me or post a comment here with your email address. I noticed that most of my winners are keeping their email address private – that’s cool, but ya gotta claim your prize somehow so I hope you are reading my blog! Please email me if you spot your name above!