This giveaway is now closed, and congratulations goes to Patty for winning the Bob the Builder DVD! Thanks to the 17 readers and Kizoodle fans who entered this giveaway! I am giving away a new Bob the Builder DVD to one lucky reader! The title is “Help is on the Way!” and it has an approx. running time of 50 minutes. This would make a great gift, it is new in the original shrink wrap! I am excited that I am on my way to using Kizoodle with the “sale” of my first item yesterday. I want to encourage you to check out Kizoodle as well, so I am limiting this giveaway to those who create an account. If you haven’t created an account yet, be sure to read my post “Kizoodle: Swapping Kids & Moms Stuff Easily” so that you can start your new account with 7 credits. In order to enter you name in this giveaway, you need to e-mail me with your screen name for Kizoodle. The deadline to enter this giveaway is midnight (Central time) on Monday, November 12.