I know I’ve got a lot of fellow bloggers out there reading Freebies 4 Mom. Congratulations to Heather for being the first to put my widget on her blog, and for giving me the motivation to create it. I’m granting Heather’s coupon wishes to thank her for spreading the word about Freebies 4 Mom. I’d like to grant your coupon wishes too, so I’ll be mailing an envelope with some coupons in it to the first 5 readers who e-mail me to tell me that they have successfully installed my widget on their blog. What’s a widget, some of you are asking? It’s a box with a list of the latest headlines from my blog. It’s going to be similar to the Baby Cheapskate widget that I have in the right-hand column. How do I get a widget? Just click on the black button that says “Get my blog as a widget from widgetbox”. It’s easy to install on your blog. Thanks for reading!
Congratulations to Dawn, Ruth, Heidi, Patty, Sara, and Emily for successfully installing my widget on their blog! Thanks and I hope you are looking forward to receiving an envelope of coupons from me!