Update @ 10pm: Here is the best list I could find of BPA-free bottles, sippy cups, etc found on SafeMama: “BPA Free Bottle and Sippy Cup Cheat Sheet

Thanks to my readers, I have an update for you regarding the transition the baby products industry is making towards BPA-free bottles. If you want to read the study done by The Work Group for Safe Markets, here it is: “Baby’s Toxic Bottle: Bisphenol A Leaching from Popular Baby Bottles” and here is the website where I downloaded this report from: CHEJ. I want to remind you that these bottles have not been recalled and that I am simply passing along this information to you. If your Babies ‘R Us will not accept your bottles for a refund, then hang onto them in case a recall is issued in the future.

Here is what my readers told me, read the comments here and the comments over at Baby Cheapskate here to see what other readers are saying, the comments are pouring in today on this hot topic:

Jen shared with me what she got in her mailbox: “I also received from Playtex a free Playtex nurser bottle with 3 drop ins. When I sent for it I thought they were just sending the drop-ins not an actual bottle. I was pleasantly surprised. ” Although Playtex has received an “unprecedented demand” for their BPA-free product, they appear to still be offering this free bottle system that I told you about here.

Speaking of BPA-free bottles, you might be interested in hearing what Rosa told me “I know word has been going around but I’d like to confirm that Babies R’ us is taking back all bottles that have BPA and issuing a store credit for the full value…even if it’s used!!!! I just got back and returned 17 bottles with no problem at all. I live in NY but I spoke with the manager and she said it was a national thing, but I would advise your readers to call their local BRU before they head out.” I’ve heard that this is happening, but there is nothing on the Babies ‘R Us website stating this, just information about BPA and their transitioning to BPA-free products. I did find this useful post at Moms Journal about another first-hand experience taking your bottles back to Babies ‘R Us.