Safety comes first, and if your carseat or booster seat is not properly installed it may not protect your child as intended in the event of a car accident. Did you know that you can have your carseat or booster seat inspected for free? Find a Child Safety Seat Inspection station near you, and schedule an appointment. We’ve been to our local EMS several times for inspections of our seats, and every time I learn an important safety feature about my car and my carseats. I learned how to properly tether my carseat, an important thing to know since most carseats require tethering – but most people do not know how to do it correctly. Please take the time to have this important safety check done, no matter what type of car you have and what type of safety seat you have.

We’ve got our carseats ready to take with us to the airport, we’ll be flying to Colorado this afternoon. While I’m in Colorado I’ll be getting some help from Green Mama, my guest blogger, in posting new things each day.