During my focus on using coupons last year, I learned about “coupon stacking” and wanted to share what I’ve learned with you since I think it will be new information for some of you. Coupon stacking is the ability to use more than one coupon on one item purchased if your store’s policy allows it. Coupon stacking is a store-specific opportunity to save even more money, and get some things for free. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve learned about these stores:

Target allows you to use one manufacturer’s coupon and one Target store coupon for one item purchased. Obviously both of the coupons have to be specifically for the item you purchase. The Target coupons will say “Target Coupon” at the top of them instead of “Manufacturer’s Coupon” and can I have found in the following formats: printable, mailed to you, peelie coupons attached to products in your store, and printable cash register coupons. Here are the printable Target coupons.

Walgreens also allows you to stack one manufacturer’s coupon and one Walgreens coupons for one item purchased. I have found Walgreens coupons in the weekly sales ad, the monthly EasySaver catalog, delivered via e-mail, and sometimes in the Entertainment Book. The Catalina coupons that print at the register are usually not Walgreens coupons, but manufacturer’s coupons that Walgreens issues.

CVS may be the best-known store where you can stack coupons because in addition to the one manufacturer’s coupon and the one CVS coupon you can stack a third $/$$ coupon on top of that if your overall purchase qualifies. When using a $/$$ coupon you will need to ask the store manager at your local CVS what their policy is because some stores only allow you to use one coupon like this per transaction. Other stores will allow you to use more than one, but your total purchase must add up to the total $$ indicated on the coupons you want to use. For example you could use a “Save $2 on $10 purchase” and a “Save $3 on $15 purchase” if the total of your entire purchase was at least $25 (and if your CVS stores allows this type of coupon usage). Here are a few of the printable coupons available from CVS (read the details carefully for each). You can only use each coupon once with your ExtraCare Card (the code is tracked on your card, you can not use one code more than once):
These coupons have expired

I hope that you learned something in this brief overview of “Coupon Stacking” and I welcome your comments on what you have learned from using this type of coupon magic during your shopping trips! Remember that each store has their own individual policies, in addition to the company-wide policies, so your experience may vary from store to store.