Get money back with the current Rebates since this one has ended.

How did I get $250 worth of FREE products in the last 6 months? FREE-BATES!!! I used to find rebates on my own, now I have Lori’s blog “Hooray for Free-bates!” as my best source of rebate information. Lori’s finding new rebates that I would never find in my freebies searches. Lori is also matching up coupons and sales with rebates that I have not matched up.

Getting coupons for FREE products is great! But since coupons like this are more tempting to fraudulently copy and distribute, companies like to create FREE-BATES instead (a rebate for the full purchase price). So, a free-bate is really just a free coupon that requires you to submit paperwork in order to get your money back.

Did you know that on some rebates you can use a coupon and get paid to take the item out of the store (after you receive your rebate)? Lori and I have both written about “Rebates + Coupons = Getting Paid to Shop” – read Part 1 and Part 2.

Is it worth the time to do rebates? My $250 of FREE products is proof enough for me that it is worth my time! You do have to be diligent about submitting the required paperwork, but Lori has some helpful advice with answers to frequently asked questions about rebates.

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