Digital coupons are coming to a grocery store near you! It’s hard to say when, but grocery chains like Kroger and Giant Eagle are experimenting with this new type of coupon in specific markets. Instead of clipping or printing coupons, you will load them onto your store’s loyalty card from their website. The digital coupons are appealing because they save both the retailer and the consumer time and resources.

Why am I excited about trying the new digital coupons when they come to my Kroger store? Because it’s an efficient couponing method that should save me time. But, I will still be doing my paper and printed coupons and I have a feeling that I’ll be getting better savings from these more traditional formats of coupons. It’s also hard for me to get too excited about coupons I can’t double or triple.

It looks like the Kroger digital coupon trial took place in Kentucky. Has anyone used digital coupons yet? Get the entire list of my Coupon Tips, there are 19 days of tips so far, and 12 new tips will be posted before the end of January.