Did you forget to use a coupon on your purchase? Did you forget to hand it to the cashier, or leave it at home? Your savings are not lost!!! I’ve done this many times and I have found that by returning to the store with my coupon, item purchased, and receipt, that the employee at Customer Service is always happy to take my coupon and give me my savings. Every store has a different policy, but since their job is to make you happy, they will usually take your coupon after the fact.

I did this the other day at Kroger. I bought SoftSoap because it was on sale for $1 and I had a 35 cent coupon that Kroger would triple. I always stock-up on hand soap when it is free! I bought the SoftSoap, and handed my coupons to the cashier, absent the SoftSoap coupons which I had mis-filed in my coupon file. I kept the SoftSoap, my receipt, and the coupons in bag by the back door so that I would remember to take them with me the next time I went shopping at Kroger. On my next trip to Kroger, I went to Customer Service and the employee cheerfully took my coupons, tripled them, and gave me cash.

So remember that sometimes it is worth following-up with your store’s Customer Service if you forget a coupon or if an item did not ring up correctly at the register.