I’ve been wondering all day what today’s coupon tip would be? My answer came from a great shopping trip I had at Walgreens and a lousy shopping trip I had at CVS. I was reminded that each store has it’s own coupon redemption policy, and that the policy is subject to change at any time.

I got some Jane cosmetics at Walgreens for a few pennies thanks to Money Saving Mom’s hot tip. When I asked the cashier if they would accept two coupons for the same product for their “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” sales, she said yes. This was a good sign, because the last Walgreens I went to was enforcing a strict policy of not accepting more than one coupon for a specific brand, no matter how many items you bought. When I gave the cashier my two coupons to Save $2 on Jane cosmetics, she said “These are great coupons! I should print these for my customers!”. Then she showed me the coupon file they keep at the cosmetics counter so that they can give customers coupons to use on their purchases. Wow, I guess I know which Walgreens I’ll be shopping at from now on!

Then I went to CVS and I learned that the store I usually shop at is now enforcing a strict policy about accepting printed CVS coupons. They will not accept more than one CVS printable coupon per transaction – it doesn’t matter if it’s a coupon for a specific product or a “Save $ off $$” coupon. If it is a coupon specifically for CVS and you printed it from the internet, you can only pick one coupon to use. This was a new policy for me to learn about, and it will be interesting to find out if the other CVS stores in my area have adopted the same policy. I’ll still be shopping at CVS though, but I’ll be planning smaller transactions, like this opportunity Money Saving Mom just posted to get free M&M;’s. Speaking of CVS, I’ll have to check the make-up to take advantage of the Physician’s Formula free-bates just posted on Hooray for Free-bates! while this make-up is on sale for “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” this week.

It’s great to get free stuff with your coupons, but you’ve got to play by your store’s rules!