Companies often offer printable coupons for their products on their website, but only after you sign-in. This enables them to offer printable coupons while maintaining control over how many are printed, and gives them the opportunity to market to you directly in the future. Usually you will be given the option to receive their e-newsletter or future promotions. Sometimes sign-up is required in order to print coupons. Look for these options because usually the default is that the boxes are checked to receive additional information. So take the time to read carefully what you are signing-up for and uncheck those boxes if you only want to print the coupon.

If there is a product that you love and buy every week, you may want to sign-up for their e-newsletter, my favorites are Barilla Pasta and Hawaiian Tropic (read how I’ve been rewarded as an e-newsletter subscriber). Companies will usually send out free samples offers, coupons, and other promotions to those subscribing to their e-newsletter first. Some companies offer promotions exclusively to their e-newsletter subscribers.

Here are a few coupons you might want to print, it will just take a few extra minutes to sign-in. If you have any problems printing them, I encourage you to utilize the “Help” features available on most sites, and you can usually contact the company to ask for the coupons by mail. It’s always worth a try to ask for what you want, you often will be pleasantly surprised by the response.

Lifeway Kefir and Probugs drinks (thanks Elizabeth!)
Stonyfield Farm / YoBaby
Horizon Organic (thanks Nicole!)
Bluebell Ice Cream
Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise
Olay Regenerist

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