Resources are everywhere on the internet relating to coupons. Some of the better resources involve spending a little bit of money, and these are for the serious couponer among us. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite resources here, some of them involve spending a dollar or two. These are all resources that I have personally used and found them useful. Feel free to ask me additional questions about my experiences using these resources. I’d also be interested in hearing what your favorite resources are.

The Coupon Mom – FREE List Matching Sales with Coupons
I do not like the “click-through” ads on The Coupon Mom website, but I put up with them because you get access to free lists matching up the sales with the coupons and telling you what your percentage savings are. These lists are comparable to The Grocery Game, but not as detailed and don’t cover as many different stores.

The Grocery Game – $1 Trial for List Matching Sales with Coupons
If you are serious about maximizing your potential coupon savings, and stockpiling items when they are at their lowest prices, then you may want to try the 4 week trial of The Grocery Game for $1. The Grocery Game is a bit more in-depth than The Coupon Mom and covers a wider variety of stores. I did the free trial and I learned a lot while doing it. I did not continue The Grocery Game at the end of the free trial because it was too expensive and I am not that serious of a stockpiler. I also do a pretty good job of matching up the sales and coupons myself. Do not do the free trial unless you know you will remember to cancel before you get charged at the end.