Since my last coupon tip was titled “Time to Stop Clipping“, I thought I should do a follow-up and let you know how my couponing has changed since I started respecting my time more. At first I tried to stop clipping coupons and file the inserts by date so I could find any coupons I needed by knowing which insert they were from. Well, that didn’t last long because when it came down to it I really like having my coupons organized by category in my coupon file. What I didn’t like were the large chunks of time I was spending dealing with the coupons.

Here are a few positive changes I’ve made to make my couponing more fun and less time-consuming:
* Spend Less Time: I spend shorter periods of time on my couponing as I can fit it in throughout my day. I no longer am staying up late to work on my couponing.
* Be Selective: I am not clipping every single coupon that comes into the house. I am being selective and only clipping those coupons that I know I can use or those that I think would have a higher value to members of the Coupon Exchange that I participate in.
* Do Less Research: I am not doing any coupon research for hypothetical shopping trips that never happen. I am only doing research for shopping trips that are planned around a specific need – not just the pursuit of a great bargain.
* Be Happy: I love couponing and it brings me joy. So I’ll keep doing it as long as I am having fun, but I’ve got to place some limits on myself to keep it fun!

What are you doing to respect your time and be happy couponing? Please post a comment here to share! Curious about the other 31 Coupon Tips?