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Coupon Tip #5 – Doubling & Tripling

by Freebies4Mom on January 5, 2008 7:37 am

When is a 35 cent coupon more valuable than a $1 coupon? When your store triples it for $1.05 savings!

Find out what the doubling and tripling coupon policies are at your local grocery stores! This will make your coupons more valuable, and it will change the way you use coupons. You may even want to only use certain coupons at certain stores because they will double or triple them. The way that the doubling and tripling usually works is that a store gives you extra savings above the manufacturer’s savings (i.e. the store still only gets face value of your coupon from the manufacturer). Some stores only offer the doubling or tripling on certain days of the week or for a limited time period. Often you will be required to sign-up for and scan your store’s membership card (these are usually free to sign-up for) in order for the store to double or triple your coupons. One item to be aware of is what your store’s policy is on accepting multiples of the same coupon.

At my Kroger they will double coupons up to 50 cents and triple coupons up to 35 cents all the time for those shoppers with a Kroger Plus card. If I had two coupons for the same product, that makes my 35 cent coupon more valuable than a $1 coupon. That 35 cent coupon gets tripled to become a $1.05 coupon. I have noticed that a lot of coupons say “DO NOT DOUBLE” on them, but after the cashier scans the bar code the computer doubles or triples them anyways. It just depends on how your store’s computer works and how the cashier handles the coupons. One item to be aware of is what your store’s policy is on accepting multiples of the same coupon. At Kroger, I can use up to 3 coupons that are the same and still get the doubled or tripled coupon value. If I try to use a 4th coupon that is for the same value on the same product (i.e. I’m stocking-up on one product), then the computer will not double or triple it.

You can find out what your local grocery store’s policy is by visiting their Customer Service desk or visiting their website. With this information you can make your coupons save you even more money!

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I Love Being a SAHM! January 6, 2008 at 6:44 am

Coupons will double or triple, even if they say that they won’t, if the barcode starts with a 5. The ones that won’t double/triple are the ones with barcodes that start with a 9 🙂


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