I love printable coupons because they are easily accessible by everyone and FREE to print. Here’s a list of my 9 favorite printable coupons that you should be able to print right now:

Heather’s Top 9 Favorite Printable Coupons
1. Luvs $1.50 Coupon for Target (thanks Addie!)
2. Huggies $3 Coupon for Target (thanks Baby Cheapskate!) This coupon is only valid through Thursday, January 10 but it can be used to get some really cheap baby wipes. If your store still has the packages of Huggies travel wipes priced at $1.99 each, you can get two of them for only 98 cents by using this coupon. Or you can use it on the Huggies Bath & Body products for some great deals!
3. Target Coupon Generator check it out for more Target coupons and only print the ones you need with this nifty program compliments of A Full Cup (and approved by Target). Since they haven’t posted them on A Full Cup yet, here are the new Target Coupons directly from Target’s website. The $1 coupon for Dole bagged salad looks like a great one when combined with the Dole manufacturer’s coupon you may have in your coupon file (was in the Dec. 9 Smart Source coupon insert). You should be able to use the Super Target coupons at Target if they carry the item specified on the coupon.
4. Horizon Organic Milk $1.00 Coupon on Half-Gallon
5. Gerber Coupons for baby food and toddler snacks
6. BellyBar $1.50 Coupon on two BellyBars
7. Silk Soymilk $2.25 Coupon on one carton – it’s really cheap with this fabulous coupon!
8. Keebler $1 Coupon on any Keebler product
9. CVS Save $2 on $10 non-Rx purchase

Do you like these coupons? Tell me which ones are your favorites, so that I can keep bringing you new ones! For some of these I can’t confirm that they are still available if I’ve already printed them, so please let me know if you find any that are no longer available to print!

Heather’s Printable Coupon Tips:
1. Print once, print twice: Sometimes you can print a coupon more than once so just try it to see what happens! Most coupons are set-up to stop printing (and tell you) when you’ve reached the print limit designed for that coupon.
2. Printing problems: If you have difficulty with a specific type of coupon printer software, then you could try contacting the company directly to ask for technical assistance or to receive coupons by mail. Or try printing it from a different computer. For example, I can’t print any of the coupons from SmartSource, but it’s not worth my time to try and figure out the technical whys of this problem so I get my coupons elsewhere.
3. Where do I find them?: Everywhere. That is the problem with printable coupons, they are all over the place and hard to search out. If you just want a general list to browse through, I recommend Coupons.com. If you are looking for a specific product, I would start with the manufacturer’s website. You can also do a Google search, but this can be time-consuming and lead to a lot of dead ends. If you are looking for a coupon for a specific brand or type of product then you can e-mail me and I’ll try to help you out by doing a coupon search for you.
4. Know your store’s policy: Some stores don’t accept printable coupons at all. Know your store’s policy, and know that this policy varies even within the same chain of stores. Printable coupons have been known to be fraudulently copied in the past. They are usually designed to be printed in a limited quantity by each customer, but every printable coupon is different and some can be printed in unlimited quantities (like the Target coupons) but only redeemed in a limited manner according to the store’s policy (i.e. one per customer per visit). If you have any questions, please visit your store’s Customer Service desk or talk to a Manager and hopefully they can tell you what their store’s policy is.