Treating coupons as advertisements helps you be a smarter couponer. Advertisers want you to clip their coupon, store their coupon, and use their coupon to buy their product at a discount. I love coupons – but I treat them as advertisements. Some coupons give you small discounts, and other coupons allow you to try a product for free. I tell people that sometimes they need to just throw that coupon away! I’m especially thinking about the “Save $ when you Buy $$$$$$” when they tempt you to spend more money than you need to or have budgeted. Just remember that you aren’t “saving money” by using those coupons, you are “spending less money”. Only you can determine if you are truly getting a good deal, or just being tricked into thinking you are.

What are your tips for being careful about the coupon advertisements and not buying something just because you have a coupon for it? I’ve got more to inspire you at “Stay out of the store and throw away that coupon!“.

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