Are you currently subscribed to Family Fun magazine? I’m hoping many of you have a free subscription since I’ve offered a few links in the past. Current subscribers can get the free digital editions of Family Fun. So what’s so cool about the digital editions? You can search and print the articles you are interested in. It’s actually really easy to browse the digital edition, and I really believe we will see more and more magazines offering this additional format. You do need to confirm your request for your digital edition subscription by email. If you get the message that you must pay $10, then that means they don’t have you on their list as a print subscriber. Don’t wait on this one, because it appears to be limited-time offer that expires on September 30. You’ll only have access to the digital editions as long as you are a current subscriber to the paper editions (don’t worry, I’ll be looking for more free subscription offers for you).

Guess what? Family Fun is not the only digital magazine you can get along with your current subscription! Coverleaf offers digital editions of many magazines you may already be subscribed to. I tried to sign-up for some of my other magazines that are on their home page, but it appears that not all of the digital editions are available right now. But I’ll be watching for new ones to start being offered. I’m thinking this is going to be a great way to save articles I may want to go back to.

I like to share free magazines with you and I hope you are enjoying them!