Thrifty Decorating just gave me a great idea for planning a thrifty Mother’s Night Out! Get together with your friends and go to The Home Depot on Monday, May 19 for a free “Do-It-Yourself” workshop about landscaping and outdoor water conservation. It’s free, you will probably learn something, and you’ll get a coupon! And I don’t know about you, but this is the only way I’m going to get to go to The Home Depot without my lovely children in tow!

Update @ 10 PM: For those of you who have been reading Freebies 4 Mom awhile, did you get your first free issue of ReadyMade Magazine? I got mine today and this magazine really looks promising! Very artsy, I just quickly thumbed through it and one article caught my eye “Three ways to use up all those extra buttons” (pg. 36) – and on the page before “How to hang wallpaper”. Ok – I think this is going to be an excellent magazine for frugal do-it-herself decorating projects!