Sorry, no longer available but see more current ways to Donate 4 Free at Freebies 4 Mom. Check in every day with Clorox and they will donate .10 a click {up to $100,000} to doctor’s office visits for kids who really need them.

‘In 2010, {Clorox elevated their} commitment to health by partnering with Children’s Health Fund, the nation’s leading provider of mobile medical, dental and mental health services for homeless and low-income children.’

From July 7 – December 31, Clorox is focused on helping to provide 1,000,000 check ups for these kids. Simply click the “Check In” box, add your first name and last initial, and, if you want, a 140 character status update, and then watch as your .10 adds to the total. My submission made the total so far $1809.10!

You have the option to then Share or Tweet to your family and friends.

Check in every day to make your daily donation!

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Image Credit:  Clorox

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