Sorry, this opportunity has ended but find more current ways to Donate4Free at Freebies 4 Mom. Become a Fan of Renuzit and Soft Scrub and they will donate $35,000 to Habitat for Humanity, a non profit organization that provides decent, affordable housing to families in need.  Their deadline is July 12 for this campaign.

Simply click on ‘Help Now’ on either the Soft Scrub Facebook Page or the Renuzit Facebook Page. You must allow permission to the pages to access your basic information. You can disallow later.

One page will ask you to like the other.  On the Picture of Hope page you will be prompted to choose a Facebook photo of your own to select to be included in the mosaic!  The faster the mosaic is filled, the faster the money is being raised!

Habitat for Humanity is a great organization so let’s get them to their $35,000 fast by JULY 12!

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Image Credit: Soft Scrub

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