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I have a lot of things in my home that I do not need anymore. Things is good condition that usually end up in a bag “To Donate” and then get driven around in my car looking for a donation site. Now, thanks to a new non – profit website called The Share Project, I can donate my items to someone else who might be able to actually use them. On this site, ‘people give without the expectation to receive.” I like this idea because it means that my items that are in good condition but no longer usable to me can go to someone who chooses them because they DO need them!

Basically, you list your items that you do not need anymore, someone else picks them and you send them to them, or meet up and hand them over. And if your see something you need, you can request it too! I see everything from shoes to cat food. You can even set up your own community and trade items that way. Membership is free to The Share Project but they do accept donations to keep it going. Thank you to Apryl at for sharing this program.

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Image Credit: The Share Project