Here are my three winners of my Eliza Magazine Giveaway. I had 302 entries and picked the winners out of the hat for me. I’ve sent all of the winners emails to claim their prize. They all just happened to answer my optional question:
“What’s one tip you have for looking your best that fits into a mom’s busy schedule?”

“I only do one cleaning task per day” –Talia (entry #278)

“Even mascara can make a difference when there isn’t time for anything else” –Rachel (entry #240)

“Do your chores when baby is asleep” –Anu (entry #25)

Thanks again to Eliza Magazine for offering this fabulously fashionable giveaway!

Can’t wait for my next giveaway? Well, this afternoon I’ve got two different books from Penguin to giveaway and there will be 10 winners of each book!