I’ve been really busy posting new giveaways and I don’t want anyone to miss the fabulous giveaways I’m hosting right now. Here’s a roundup of giveaways you’ll find only on Freebies 4 Mom:

Baby Shoe Bronzing at Chicks & Cubs ($170 gift card)

The Home Depot ($200 gift card)

Agoo Kids Clothing ($50 gift card)

Kroger ($25 gift card – 2 winners)

Disney ($25 gift card – 4 winners) Giveaway has ended.

Disney on Ice Tickets for Houston (4 tickets for April 15) Giveaway has ended.

Plus I am now listing current giveaways happening on other frugal blogs in my right sidebar of the “Giveaways 4 Mom” section of my blog. Please browse the list for prizes that you want a chance to win. It’s easy to win blog giveaways because so few people enter them compared to the number of people who read blogs!

Find out about other giveaways you can enter right now.
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