When there is a product you love, you love to get updated by joining their fan club and subscribing to their eNews. But what companies are better about rewarding their fans and subscribers? Of course it’s impossible to predict what they will be giving away next, but my experience is that past giveaways indicate likely future giveaways. Here’s an update on what I’ve learned from my fan club membership and eNews subscription:

Lipton’s Tea & Health Club
They may offer you an exclusive sample of tea, available only to club members. In the April issue of their eNews they offered a free sample of Lipton’s Bedtime Story Pyramid Tea along with a coupon only to their email subscribers.

Kraft Food & Family
They offer some of their email subscribers exclusive sampling offers (exclusive because only the person who received the email can get the free sample). I was offered a free sample of Seattle’s Best Coffee in May.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Club and Grapefruit Club
They continue to send me free stuff in the mail, and I keep on sharing it with you (here, here, and here).

Yogi Tea
They like to offer short surveys in their monthly eNews, and some of the respondents receive a free sample – I’m one of those lucky ones!

Of course I’ve received more wonderful surprises in the mail from companies I’m a fan of, but these are the ones that I have recently received things from and that I feel are likely to continue rewarding their fans – and I’m guessing you have to, so please share by posting a comment!