Sorry, no longer available.  Get a free subscription to Women’s Health magazine for 1 year (10 issues) from RewardsGold.  You should start getting your 1-year subscription in 8 to 10 weeks. Thanks goes to Moms by Heart for telling me about this new free subscription offer, they usually don’t last long!

Here are my tips on completing the form:
* Say “No” to receiving offers from RewardsGold partners
* It is required that you refer one friend, you shouldn’t enter anyone’s email address unless you get an ok from them
* Only select the free Women’s Health subscription, no credit card is required and you will never receive a bill (only renewal notices which can be ignored)

Does someone in your household already have a subscription to Women’s Health magazine? You can still request this free sample because they should add on those 10 issues to your current subscription.

I am getting most of my magazines for FREE (and a few at $5 or less per year) and I want you to get them for free or deeply discounted too. My favorite magazine that I pay for is All You, but that’s because it’s the magazine that pays me back with tons of coupons!

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