I just bought a “free after rebate” Entertainment ’09 Book by purchasing it through Cashbaq, an online rebate website (similar to Ebates). I spent $15 today and I expect to get $15 by check from Cashbaq in March (updated, see below). If you can afford to wait to get that $15 rebate check in the mail, and you can use this coupon book for your city (or buy it as a gift), here is an easy way to get your Entertainment book for “free after rebate”. It’s really easy to do, but I know some readers would want to see the steps written out.Update: I’m learning about Cashbaq as I go, and unfortunately there is a 3 month wait instead of a 1 month wait on the cash back form the Entertainment Book. I can see that $10 cash back as pending in my account, but it will not be released until 3 months after my purchase. The reason is that the $10 comes from Entertainment Book and they want to allow time to accommodate returns before giving that cash back. It’s still a good deal, but I am sorry that I did not confirm what the waiting period was. It will be different with every store. The 3 month waiting period for the Entertainment Book cash back is one of the longest among all the stores.

Please note that the price of the Entertainment Book varies by City (for Houston it is $15.00, for other cities it may be more). If your city is priced at more than $15.00, it’s only a good deal if you know you can use enough coupons out of it!

1. Visit Cashbaq and sign-up as a new user and get $5 in your Cashbaq account instantly (this is my referral link, thanks for supporting Freebies 4 Mom by using it!)

2. Click on “Buy Now” in the top right-hand corner, you will see the “Deal of the Day” is the Entertainment Book

3. Enter your zipcode and click on the red “Preview” button.

4. Click on “Buy The Book”, your price is $15.00 (price varies by location) with free shipping (they already applied the $10 coupon with free shipping). Because you bought the book through the link at Cashbaq, you will get $10 back in your Cashbaq account (will show-up in a few days)

5. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” after reviewing the item in your cart, one book for $15.00

6. Enter Billing & Shipping info, standard shipping is free and takes 10 to 14 business days

7. Select options, I said “No” to getting email updates from Entertainment Book. I also said “No” to those 3 month free magazine trials (because you get billed at the end of the 3 month trial, I only recommend free samples of magazines where you never get billed)

8. Get your order number, but you should get a receipt emailed to you within a few minutes. You also should get a “Welcome” email from Cashbaq

I spent $15.00 today, and I’ll get $15.00 by check (in March). Be sure to go to “My Account” and “My Prefereneces” to tell Cashbaq whether you want your rebate by Paypal or by check in the mail. Also set-up your “Email Preferences” because you control what types of emails you get (if any). Cashbaq will mail you a check every month around the 20th if you have at least $10.00 in your account. If you have less than $10.00 of earned rebates in your account, then that money just carries over into the next month.

Cashbaqis another great way to get cash rebates on many online purchases. I use online rebate programs like Ebates and Cashbaq only on my normal and planned purchases, not as an incentive to shop more. The key is to remember that you must log-in and find the link to the store you are shopping at in order to get cash-back credit for your purchase. I’ve placed a button to both Cashbaq and Ebates in my right sidebar to help remind you to use these rebate programs.

I already have an Entertainment ’09 Book for Houston, but I can use another one because of these great coupons I found in mine (coupons vary by location):
Ace Hardware Save $5 off $25 purchase
Borders 25% off one item (in-store or online)
RadioShack Save $10 off $40 purchase
Walgreens Free Iceland Pure Water and B1G1 photo coupons
Plus tons of coupons for eateries like Sonic and Arby’s and many local restaurants

I file all offers that require a purchase under rebates.
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