Talk about perfect timing for any new toys that need batteries! Get them for FREE! Print a coupon to Save $1 on Rayovac batteries. I “bought” my free batteries at Target where you’ll find 4-packs of AAA and AA in the “Dollar Spot” priced at $1.00. I hear that you could also take this coupon to Walmart (if your Walmart is coupon-friendly). This is a great coupon that doesn’t expire until February 28, 2009 so I wanted to be sure to highlight it again. Thanks goes to Centsible Savings for the heads up on this coupon.

Update: Oops! Even I make mistakes and I picked-up the “Heavy Duty” variety instead of the “Alkaline”. The coupon still scanned, but I will look more carefully at the packaging if I visit Target again. I’ve removed my photo to avoid confusion. Thanks so much to my astute readers for pointing this out. I think you can still find these “Alkaline” batteries on-sale or priced at $1.00 at some stores.

When a great coupon like this is made available by the manufacturer and can be printed as many times as you want, I only print and use one for each store visit I make. It’s just my approach to using coupons, and it helps me use my coupons successfully since some stores do impose limits on how many identical coupons you can use.

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