The best day of the week is finally here, Freebie Friday! Browse the list and check out the freebies you are interested in. You should also take a look at the calendar for upcoming free events you’d like to participate in.

Amy has another wonderful podcast about Simplifying Our Time In The Kitchen. Remember that you can download the podcast to listen to anytime and that you can also just read about the discussion because Amy also posts a full resource list with each podcast. Now I’m excited about getting some housework done tonight after my boys go to bed, because I’ll be listening to Amy while I work!

Remember to visit An Apron Full of Giveaways if you want to find blog giveaways to enter, or if you are a blogger wanting to list your giveaway. I’m no longer posting a weekly “4 Giveaways” post on Freebies 4 Mom. I’ve had to adjust my schedule to meet my family’s needs and my own needs, and that means focusing on what I want to write about in the limited time I have each day. I’m still bringing you the hottest freebies and coupons around, but I’m really trying to focus on posting those things that will help the largest percentage of my readers.

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