Wishing you a Happy Freebie Friday! Take advantage of all the free entertainment on today’s list (movies and magazines). I really want to encourage you to look at today’s Freebie Event calendar and mark your own calendar with what you are interested in. I’m planning on finding some time this weekend to try out Refund Cents for free – normally you must have a paid membership to access all of the money-saving resources.

And wishing Amy at MomAdvice a Happy Birthday! Please wish her “Happy Birthday” and browse her fun birthday post to find out more about how she can inspire you to make positive changes in your life. I’m totally convinced that Amy’s job is inspiring other people. While I was doing housework last night I was able to listen to her first two podcasts MomAdvice Simplified about simplifying your to-do list and simplifying the dinner hour. She inspired me to make a “list of 6” for today and I’m excited about accomplishing those 6 items today. She nailed it on the head about how it doesn’t feel good to be making long to-do lists that are impossible to ever get through each day. I’m ready to get to work on that to-do list and actually complete it before the end of today. Have a great weekend everyone!