I recommend using the free Mozilla Firefox web browser to best view my blog. Firefox is free to download and free to use. I used to use another web browser (IE) and when I finally switched over to Firefox I was amazed at how big of an improvement it was. In general websites load faster and I find I have less issues with printing coupons. I really wish I would have tried Firefox sooner, but I didn’t realize how easy it was to switch over and that I can have more than one web browser on my computer.

I thought it was worth mentioning the my blog is best viewed using Firefox because I know that many of my readers who use IE are having difficulties viewing my blog from there. I understand your frustration, and wish I had the technical knowledge to fix it. Of course you don’t even need to open my blog by typing in “freebies4mom.com” in a web browser because there are other ways to subscribe to my daily content. You can get one daily email update, subscribe in a feed reader like Google Reader, or even get new content on your mobile phone.

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