My blog started as a hobby and has grown into my dream business. Yes, I used to dream of having my own business – only I had a very fuzzy notion of what type of business it would be. Now I’ve got it in the form of a blog thanks to my readers who are interested in learning about the free stuff and saving money each and every day.

I’ve planned some special one-day giveaways on Wednesday, October 21 to celebrate my blog turning 2 years old and thank a handful of my readers in a special way. Here’s what to expect – be sure to visit me on Wednesday if you have a chance!

One-Day Giveaways on Wednesday

Fiber One Yogurt (50 winners)
The first 50 people who register starting at exactly 4:00 pm CT will receive a coupon by mail for a free package of Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt

Free Product Coupons (24 winners)
I’ve been collecting free product coupons for everything from tea to olive oil to Hostess snack cakes, plus I’ve got some great $5 off any purchase coupons for a few restaurants. You can enter this giveaway anytime on Wednesday before midnight.

$50 Beauty Cash (1 winner)
Thanks to Unilever, I’ve got a $50 The American Express gift card to give to one reader to spend on anything that makes them feel beautiful.

Custom Blog Header Design (2 winners)
If you’ve got a blog and are dreaming of a new header, why not try to win one from Sashwhy’s Studio!

I’ll see you at the big birthday bash on Wednesday!

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