I got a lot of fun stuff in my mailbox that will save me money, and I hope you did too!

Pssst – I signed-up for this word-of-mouth marketing opportunity with General Mills and received a coupon for a FREE Pillsbury sweet rolls or flaky twists product as well as ten $1 coupons to share with friends. I’ve also been able to log-in and print the special $1.10 off Pillsbury chocolate flaky twists and other coupons. This program is similar to two other word-of-mouth programs I’ve talked about before: VocalPoint and SheSpeaks. They send you coupons in the mail for you and your friends, and invite you to participate in surveys to share your opinions.

Cascade Rinse Aid – I got another free product coupon in the P&G; coupon booklet that is mailed out twice a year. All of the coupons inside expire on March 31, 2009. I was happy to get the free rinse aid coupon, because I just finished my last free bottle. Now I can pick up another one for free at Target (normally priced at $3.24). I shared it with you here. My best guess is that they will offer the Home Made Simple coupon booklet again early this spring.

GeoTrax DVD from Fisher-Price
– I got a free DVD from Fisher-Price with 3 GeoTrax episodes on it (I shared it with you here). Mattel likes to mail out free promotional DVDs of their shows, and you can also still request this Planet Heroes DVD.

Gain Scent Card – I guess this Walmart sample isn’t very popular because it’s still available! Includes a coupon to Save $1 on any size Gain laundry detergent. I shared it with you here.

Ode magazine – I received my first two issues of this magazine “for intelligent optimists” that I earned by watching ads on AdPerk. I shared this new free magazine source with you here.

The freebies below are no longer available to request, but I try to offer you tips on how to get similar freebies.

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers – Kroger sent me a coupon to try this new product for free. I love getting coupons from Kroger! The best way to make sure you are getting coupons from your grocery store is to make sure that your mailing address is current on your store loyalty card or on your account for the store’s website. If you are a Kroger shopper, here is where you can update your account information.

P&G; BrandSaver October Coupon Insert – I was surprised to get this coupon insert in my mailbox, since it usually comes inside the Sunday paper. Great to get a bonus coupon insert, but I have to admit I was disappointed because this is the promised “over $74 in coupons from P&G;” from the promotion I shared with you here. I was really hoping for some new and different coupons. But I’ll happily take the extra coupons!

$2 Cash from Nielsen – If you ever get invited to so a survey from Nielsen, the tv ratings folks, you should do it! I got an envelope in the mail with two dollar bills in it along with a 14-question survey. I was amazed that they sent me $2 before I had even filled out the survey!

Mints from VocalPoint – They are marketing the new Ford Flex, and sent out packages of mints to some VocalPoint members. You can join VocalPoint too, you never know what they will mail you! Not just coupons, free samples too, and there really is no obligation to participate in the surveys. However I believe that participation may mean you receive more mailers from them.

$5 Chevron Gift Card – What a great freebie to get! I shared it with you here.

Kotex Sample from Sam’s Club – It’s hard to keep track of the numerous Kotex sampling offers, but I attempted to round them up recently here.

The Oprah Magazine – What a thrill to get three free issues from StartSampling. I hope you got yours too if you requested it! I shared it with you on Freebie Friday.

Town & Country magazine- I received my first of three free issues from StartSampling, I shared this magazine freebie with you here. If you haven’t read it yet, I’ve got a comprehensive guide to free magazines that talks about the best sources, and best ways to reuse them.

Enough about what’s in my mailbox, what was in your mailbox this week?